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OOO «BC Termogazservis» was formed as a result of the restructuring OOO«Nechernozemproekttehtsentr» (up to 1999-LP «AMFIR») established in 1994, and carries out all complex of works on the construction of utilities, including gas supply at the facilities of various purposes in the Nizhny Novgorod region and other regions of Russia .

The complex of works includes:

  1. The feasibility study, pre-design and design works.
  2. Coordination of construction documents for the inspecting organizations.
  3. Construction and installation works for the laying of utilities, including work on the exterior and interior gas installations on the projects, as well as gasification of the population.
  4. Installation of the mechanical annex, instrumentation and control appliances of the fuel plants, including work on the construction of internal networks of water supply and heating of buildings for various purposes.
  5. Implementation of start-up and regime-up operations.
  6. Warranty and further maintenance of the installed equipment.

All types of work are properly licensed, as well as certified professionals working in the community on an ongoing basis. Our experts were also trained in such companies as «GoGaS Goch & Co», «Vissmann» (Germany), «Ferrolli», «Riello» (Italy), NGO «Lota» (the Ukraine) and specialized in contact water heaters to work with the equipment of the specified firms.

Since its inception, our organization has gasified more than 500 industrial and municipal objects with the installation of various types of heating equipment (boilers, gas-fired air heaters, radiant heating systems), as well as special technological equipment (drying stoves of different purposes, steam generators, AVM (analog machine), GLC and other equipment ). A great deal of work was done on the gasification of the population in the city of Nizhny Novgorod and districts.

The specialists of OOO «BC Termogazservis» perform work outside of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

In 2007 the work was completed on the assembly of 208 gas radiant emitters by the company of «GoGaS Goch & Co» at Belgorod ZAO «Energomash», assembly of 22 gas-fired air heaters with a total capacity of 22 MWth at the colorific installation in the mine «Mir» in the town of Mirny (Joint Stock Company «ALROSA»), as well as start-up operations in Bryansk, Novomoskovsk, Karachaevsk.

The leading specialists of OOO «BC Termogazservis» have got a degree in the following specialties: «Gas supply, heating systems and ventilation», «Water-supply and sewerage», «City Construction and Management», «Electronic computers, complexes, systems and networks», «Radio and Electronics», as well as special training at the educational centers in N. Novgorod, which have certification protocols approved by the leadership of MTU «Rostechnadzor».

OOO «BC Termogazservis» is ready to offer their services for the design, equipment supply, installation and start-up operations, as well as other engineering services for your business.

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