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Clean rooms— this is an artificially created environment, which contains the minimum parts of microorganisms and various substances, it is the room in which the concentration of aerosol components and microorganisms maintained in certain limits.

Clean rooms are used in many areas: various pharmaceutical companies, microelectronics, nanotechnology, hospitals, and many others.

Design and construction of clean rooms is one of the activities of LLC “BC Termogazservis.” Our partners of creating clean rooms is are the leading European firms in this industry. We offer a full range of activities to create a clean room “turnkey” in accordance with local and international quality standards GMP/FDA:

  • Designing production in clean rooms;
  • Supply and installation of constructing elements for the clean rooms;
  • Installation of ventilation systems and air conditioning HVAC;
  • Certification and validation of clean rooms;
  • Technological equipment for clean rooms.

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